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“Breakthrough All-Natural Treatment Banishes Crippling MRSA Infections For Good And Restores The Healthy, Vibrant, Beautiful Life You Thought Was Gone Forever”

Use These Natural Methods to Eradicate Your MRSA (And Stop It From EVER Recurring Again) in Just Days — Guaranteed. 


Dear MRSA Infection Sufferer,

MRSA makes your life miserable. I know firsthand because I had one of the worst cases in history. At least it felt that way.   

When my skin broke out in painful ugly boils, my life changed. I used to go out all the time for dinner or to see my kids’ soccer games. Now I wanted to hide.  


And my MRSA wasn’t always visible. In fact most of the time it wasn’t. But I ALWAYS knew it was there…

…a constant, painful reminder that my life just wasn’t normal. Most of my friends had no idea what I was dealing with. They couldn’t understand why I seemed so down all of the time. Every now and then someone would mention that they missed the “old Christine.”


The endless cycle of battling new MRSA infections, of dealing with unpleasant side-effects of the drugs, of the utter and complete hopelessness that swallowed me like a cruel blanket…

…MRSA literally came in and robbed ALL of the joy and passion from my life.

It got to the point where I hated going out in public. I didn’t want my friends and family to constantly see me suffer…especially since I was too embarrassed to confess what was really keeping me down.  

So I would come up with some excuse why I couldn’t come to some party or meet up for drinks. I basically cut my friends out of my life.

I even stopped being intimate with my husband. The pain and shame were just too unbearable. I was so depressed…so defeated…

My Life Was Reduced To Merely Coping… And I Felt Like A Prisoner

I hoped and I prayed that my MRSA years would end.  

Worse than that, were all the well meaning people who told me things like, “Beauty is only skin deep.” Yeah, right. “Beauty” was the least of my worries. It didn’t come close to the agonizing pain I felt...or the sheer terror that it may take months or even years to get rid of these “little boils.”

How Many Expensive Treatments That Leave The Skin Scarred and Unattractive Have You Tried?

·  Ever notice how many “cures” there are for MRSA? Only problem is that they don’t work (and some antibiotics make you break out even worse!)...  

·      How many times have doctors lanced your boils, filled you up on potentially dangerous antibiotics ... then  go on to dig the knife in deeper with an outrageous hospital bill (a complete rip-off).  

·     Then after riding this merry-go-round of horrors, the doctors add insult to injury by dumping you and saying “There’s nothing more we can do for you." (Oh, but you still have to pay them anyway!)

Finally, we have the “Baskin Robbins” of prescription drugs that flood your veins (but do NOTHING about recurring infections). You know which ones I’m talking about. I’m sure you’ve been prescribed the same ones I have. (I’d call the drug companies out on it too, but the last thing I need is their lawyers breathing down my neck.) Every one of these so-called “wonder drugs” left me completely hopeless!  


But people are so desperate. They take them anyway. When you’re suffering with MRSA, even serious side effects don’t matter.

It’s not Your Fault!


People told me that I should trust my doctors. People told me I should just be glad to be alive. Someone even told me I should stop thinking about sex so much. (I wanted to punch them in the face.) People told me, “Just live with it.” And that seemed to be my only choice until...

How I Stumbled On a Secret Cure That Got Rid of My Painful “Never-Ending” MRSA For Good!

Everything started to change for me when I settled on one startling realization that set me on the road to complete and permanent recovery… 

…That this was my fight! 

…Not my doctors’. Not my husband’s. Mine. Alone. 

So I set out on my mission…determined to find the cure that had alluded me. I jumped in my car and sped to the closest bookstore I could find. I bought a dozen books on MRSA and dealing with hospitals. Over the next few months I carefully studied every book and I searched the web.

Like a mad scientist I dug through medical research, studied natural remedies, participated in MRSA victim forums, emailed Naturopathic doctors, and interviewed dermatologists.

I wasn’t just looking for how to treat MRSA … I wanted to eliminate it completely so it would NEVER come back!

By the time I finished my tireless research I read all my books and reviewed over 200 different websites (including foreign websites to gain a different perspective on MRSA treatment and prevention). And I finally found the PROOF I needed to fit the pieces of the puzzle together to come up with a program that would rip the spine out of my MRSA attacks! 


That’s when…

I Backed Up My Armored Car Up to the Fort Knox of MRSA Eradication and Loaded Up all of the Gold!

Hi, my name is Christine Dawson. After battling a very severe strain of MRSA for 3 years (a punishing cycle of ravaging infections that bubbled up all over my body)… 

…I finally had my first ray of hope. 


And the next time I talked to a doctor, I completely rattled him! He became very uncomfortable and flustered by all the questions I was asking him. Not only did I know almost as much as he did about current MRSA research… 

…I made him look like a kindergartner with my knowledge of new, cutting edge MRSA treatments! 

And when he tried to offer me the same tired antibiotics (that NEVER worked for long), I told him to take a hike… 


…and took my new-found special knowledge and used it on myself. 


And almost overnight…after 3 brutally painful years of repeated MRSA attacks…all the agony, scarring, bruising, and medical bills vanished…leaving me entirely MRSA-free for over 2 years! 

Imagine Life Without MRSA!

·      Have Fresh Looking, Pain-Free, Un-blemished Skin (Almost like being dipped in a magic healing fountain!)  And everyone you knew with MRSA would be dying to know your secret. They may even be skeptical when you tell them how simple the cure is. (Until they take a second look at how healthy and vibrant you look!) 

·      Thrill at being released from your sores and scars for good. You will feel your confidence and zest for life blossoming once again  .  

·      Stop to look at every mirror you pass because you can’t believe the “old you” is back.  And underneath it all, you’ll be hit with the realization that you are finally, really free.   

·      Take all of the useless MRSA medications that you bought and have a burial ceremony in your backyard.  You’ll never need them again (PLUS imagine all of the money you’ll save on those pointless doctor’s visits and prescriptions!) 

Are you sick and  Tired  of Having MRSA? This is your opportunity to get rid of boils, rashes, open sores and the misery that goes along with it Permanently.

Once I put all the pieces together, it was like finding the “light at the end of the tunnel”. 

I couldn’t believe it either … but when I first broke the shackles MRSA placed on my life, I jumped on the Internet and rushed to all the MRSA forums, blogs, and websites I could find.

I was on a mission to hunt down every MRSA victim I could to pass on to them this life-changing information. And when I did … people were coming back to me with all kinds of amazing results!

That  was the moment I realized how bad I needed to get this information out to others. 


    So I took everything I had learned and had shared in the forums and I compiled a comprehensive goldmine of information for MRSA sufferers  .  My "MRSA Annihilation System" reveals the exact step by step process that will start you on the road to your new life — MRSA Free. That’s what I said. 

     There is nothing like it anywhere.

      But I’m going to warn you. The treatment is so simple that you’re likely to say, “This can’t work!”  

 What Every MRSA Victim Should Know


But you have to try it. And it is easier than going to the doctor and taking the latest “flavor” of antibiotics or going to the hospital so you can pay big bucks to have yet another boil lanced!  

If you’re suffering from MRSA and all the other spin-off problems that naturally get associated with it, you need to get your hands on a copy of this simple treatment system now.

Here’s just a tease of what you’ll get:  

  How I beat MRSA faster by NOT using antibiotics! (This method is much safer than the toxic drugs prescribed by your doctor with absolutely no side effects to worry about).


    An extremely common food element that causes MRSA growth to EXPLODE … cutting back on this will allow you to heal almost twice-as-fast!     


   The ‘secret’ $7 herb found in your local grocery store that was 98.5% effective in stopping MRSA attacks in as little as 3 days! (This is the one secret drug companies have tried to keep hidden from you, but I’m going to blow the lid off … AND provide PROOF it works)


  The biggest LIE about “how you should support your immune system to end your MRSA infections” -- and the TRUTH most MRSA victims nearly never learn!  


  A little-known oral compound for which you need no prescription that was 97.7% effective in providing immediate relief for Staph victims. (You’ll be surprised to see what these 218 volunteers had to say about this “miracle cure” that only costs pennies a day.)


  The one thing that spreads MRSA faster than anything else -- knowing this will save you TONS of future emotional anguish! 


    The danger of being infected over and over again with MRSA -- a little known FACT that can lead to life-long health complications.  


  An amazing study just recently conducted that reveals how you can kill 90.4% of the MRSA on your body within minutes of exposure to a simple blue light (I’ll provide you with the full study AND tell you where you can get these lights for cheap!)


    The real reason Zyvox and Vancomycin are rarely prescribed. (Some people learn this the hard way … but I’ll provide the FACTS you need today.) 


  A topical, non-prescription solution found to cripple MRSA colonization on your body. (This solution works like magic to break down your relentless MRSA attacks - and I’ll provide the PROOF to back it up.)


  A dead giveaway that MRSA has colonized across your body ... and the 4 places you must focus on FIRST if you want to stop your infections from ever coming back!


    The DANGER of using certain types of soap ... and why your body wash may be causing more MRSA outbreaks! (I’ll also reveal the name of the body wash you should use instead) 


  A “by the numbers” checklist that shows you how I unlocked the shackles MRSA placed on my life … PERMANENTLY! (This process is so simple a 3rd grader can use it -- with no medical and technical jargon to confuse you.)


    A common bandaging technique you should never use. If you do, your infection is almost guaranteed to spread! (I learned this the hard way, but I’ll provide detailed insight so you don’t make the same mistake).  


  The two CRITICAL things you should know about MRSA attacks before you decide on using any program to relieve your infections. (Without this knowledge you’re just shooting in the dark.)


  How this effective program can be safely be adjusted for small children suffering from MRSA. (This information comes straight from the University of Maryland’s Medical Center – I’m not making it up.)


  The simple tactic I used to end my HUMILIATING facial infections! (This breakthrough finally allowed me to get my confidence back so I could step out into public again)


  A sure-fire way to beat dry skin in a “dry weather environment” that directly results in less MRSA infections (Note: lotion is not the answer to this riddle.)


 Something crucial (and unusual) you can do right now to “MRSA-Proof” your wound … and the best part is this will dramatically decrease your chances of being left with nasty MRSA scars!


  How to boost your immune system and block the secret places through which bacteria enter your body.


  The single best way to keep your children MRSA FREE while at school or in daycare centers! (This is inside information most doctors nearly never share)


  The “15-second secret” guaranteed to significantly reduce your chances of getting OR spreading a MRSA infection! (Supported by the Center for Disease Control … sometimes this 15-second ‘process’ can make all the difference).   


  How to survive a hospital stay without getting MRSA! (These simple actions are so obvious that they often go overlooked)


    Why your pet can dramatically lower your chances of making a full MRSA recovery (Don’t worry … I’ll provide you with the single, most easy way to beat these odds!)  


    The truth about a new MRSA strain 5 times more deadly than other strains ... killing a full half of its victims in less than 27 days! (If you’ve never heard of this strain before you’re going to want to listen to this.)  


    The one thing you should never even think about doing if your doctor feels antibiotics aren't right for you! (Making this one mistake could leave you with a lifetime of regret)    


    How to recognize the 13 “Faces of MRSA” before it becomes dangerously hard to treat. (A boil is only one face of MRSA … do you know the other 12?) 


    If you use Tea Tree Oil … there is one sacred rule you must not break – if you do, you run the risk of being infected with MRSA bacteria even harder to treat!  


    If you use Colloidal Silver … I’m going to reveal a dirty little secret most Colloidal Silver Manufacturers hope you never find out! 


    The top 5 pieces of advice you should always follow if you want to be (and stay) MRSA Free.    


  2 Forums dedicated to MRSA sufferers with a cumulative total of over 5,000 posts on such MRSA related issues as surgery, pets, medical advice and specialized products. (This is jam-packed with a wealth of information provided by MRSA victims just like you).


  15 Risk factors that automatically make you more likely to fall victim to vicious MRSA attacks (If you fall into one of these categories, you’ll know how to dramatically lower your risk by using some simple precautions.)


  How MRSA has been bypassing your immune system, making you more vulnerable to repeated MRSA infections.   


 3 Sneaky ways bacteria win the war against antibiotics and how to make sure your body will always have the advantage.


    The real reason MRSA constantly comes back -- and the only way to stop it!    


  How to protect yourself from vicious MRSA bacteria in the general community AND around the house.


  Practical tips on how to prevent Staph infections and how to prevent spreading the disease to others.


  The correct way to disinfect your home – and the 7 “Hot Spots” most MRSA Victims almost always overlook!


  How to keep MRSA at bay during pregnancy. (If you have MRSA or if someone else in the house has MRSA … I’ll explain what you need to focus on to keep your baby safe)


  The real reason antibiotic misuse is such a BIG deal. (This situation is A LOT bigger than most people think – but every time it occurs, it puts your family’s life in jeopardy)


  A Powerful resource that puts Breaking News on MRSA Treatment and MRSA Eradication right at your finger tips!   


  And much, much more …


This course was designed and written to save you a ton of research time – time I have already invested for you.

I tried to make it as concise and well organized as possible so you can implement the advice as quickly as possible.

What’s more, I kept in mind that you were looking for instant relief and not a “doctoral thesis” on “bacteriology.” So I streamlined the information so you get the pure facts you need to swiftly get your life back!

My MRSA Annihilation Program is the only comprehensive system of it’s kind that holds your hand all the way from infection to lasting recovery for good. 

PLUS, I’ve Added Some Critical Companion Bonuses 


Fast Action Bonus #1: "How I Eradicated Almost Every MRSA Scar From My Body"  

     In this bonus report, I’m going to provide insider secrets most plastic surgeons don’t want you to know (but is essential if you want to claim your old life back).

I know how it feels to walk around with MRSA disfigured skin. I used to get some MEGA-HUMILIATING infections in very noticeable areas like my face, neck, and arms. These scars completely crushed my confidence.

My body was beginning to look like a Rand McNally road map from all the horrendous scars MRSA left behind.

 mrsa treatment

Heck, there were even times I wouldn’t leave my house because make-up didn’t always hide them!

      But I quickly learned how to reduce and eliminate my MRSA scars…and how you can too, no matter how bad your scars may be.

Here’s a snap-shot of what you’re going to find inside this breakthrough report:

  An exclusive, 3-Step program I discovered from a closed-door meeting with my skin doctor that allowed me to literally dissolve my MRSA scars without emptying my wallet! (This is going to save you tons of humiliation and public embarrassment … and protect you from repulsive scars that will cause others to stare) 


  Insider Information on a Secret technique taught by top plastic surgeons proven to break down scar tissue faster than you ever dreamed possible! (This technique is the next best thing to handing over a boatload of cash to the best plastic surgeon in town … and I guarantee the results are going to shock you!)



  Why DISCOLORATION is the single biggest problem with MRSA scars – and a wickedly effective trick I learned to completely cancel this problem out! (This method will eliminate “darkened” scars that make it impossible for you to leave the house) 


  An extremely dangerous FACT about Vitamin E that will rattle you to the core -- Understanding this little-known TRUTH will save you from PERMANENT MRSA SCAR DAMAGE!


  And much, much more …


    This report will provide you with the information you need to effortlessly refresh and revitalize your MRSA damaged skin. And you won’t have to break the bank on high-priced lotions, creams, or oils!

And for many, this method can even re-balance the skin’s natural complexion so well, no one will ever know a series of nasty MRSA infections even existed!


Fast Action Bonus #2: "The Right Way To Care For A MRSA Victim WITHOUT Getting Infected" 

      This 45-page report was written especially for people caring for MRSA victims at home. But let me quickly tell you the reason I’m giving it to you …

My husband was my caregiver. He took care of me night and day. He did everything in his power to ease my suffering.

There really aren’t many books on this, so he was pretty much stuck using very basic information our doctor provided.

mrsa treatment 

Well, one day my husband woke up with 3 small red bumps on his stomach. We tried to be optimistic about it, but we prepared ourselves for the worst. The bumps began to swell so we took him to the doctor to get him tested.

Can you guess what it was?

Yep, his first MRSA attack…

I was devastated!

I had passed to my husband this horrible disease when all he did was try to help me … he was completely innocent in all this … and it tore me apart inside.

So I wanted to create something for care givers to use … providing specific instructions on how you should care for a MRSA victim at home while you keep yourself and others totally MRSA free!

Here’s a very brief outline of what you’re going to get when you read this report:

   Two types of people who should never care for a MRSA victim (this will allow you to potentially avoid a dangerous MRSA ambush that may be quietly waiting for you right now)


    Seven critical things you must know before you begin to care for a MRSA victim (with this vital information you’ll avoid becoming the next MRSA victim in your house!)   


  A step-by-step method for dealing with contagious MRSA wounds (you’ll be able to accelerate wound healing while preventing the infection from spreading.)


  A simpler and faster way to “pack” lanced boils (I stole this new procedure straight from my own hospital bed.) 


  Nine easy tips you can use to dramatically reduce your total cleaning time of a MRSA victim’s bedding area from 1.5 hours to only 17 minutes (This is a total ‘cinch’ to employ … and it will leave you with a lot more free time to do other things!)


  The top 2 spots in your house you need to focus most of your efforts … if you can keep these areas clean, you can practically eliminate MRSA’s possibility of spreading to other family members … completely!


    How to bathe a “bed-bound” MRSA victim … this by-the-numbers method will make this task shockingly simple.    


  Eight critical laws to cleaning a MRSA victim’s laundry (breaking just one can nearly guarantee MRSA will spread through your house.) 


  When you care for a MRSA victim, always use white (white bedding, white towels, white clothes) … this way you can simply bleach everything ensuring you kill 100% of the bacteria 100% of the time! 


  How to eradicate dangerous MRSA colonies that have dug deep into your house carpets! (MRSA embedded in your carpets is a huge problem … but I’ll tell you the easiest and fastest way to get it out)


  One thing you must always consider when isolating a MRSA victim to a specific room – if you don’t, you can cause them more unnecessary MRSA flare-ups.


  A raw listing of all the official cleaning supplies certified to kill MRSA bacteria! (Tip: Just because something says “antibacterial” DOESN’T mean it kills MRSA).


  How to clean MRSA drainage off just about any household surface while giving the bacteria NO OTHER CHOICE but to die!   



  Ten insider secrets hospitals use to prevent uncontrollable MRSA outbreaks between patients and staff – You better believe these mysterious methods work like magic … if not, hospitals would get their pants sued off. (And you can put these proven tactics to work for you!) 


  The enormous mistake my husband made while caring for me that caused him to break out in brutal MRSA infections (This mistake is actually extremely simple to avoid if you are aware of it.) 


  Nine DANGER SIGNS warning you that the MRSA victim needs to be rushed to the Emergency Room immediately – recognizing these signs early can potentially save the victim’s life!    


  And much, much more … 


Armed with this complete package of information … whether you are a MRSA caregiver or a MRSA Victim stuck dealing with this nightmare on your own … you’ll have the tools necessary to exploit MRSA’s most vulnerable weaknesses.  

… AND you will be able to provide the most effective care possible while you STOP MRSA from spreading to others.

With this MRSA Annihilation Program, along with the bonuses, you get a complete system that is all natural and guaranteed to wipe MRSA from your life forever.


Are you ready to Say Goodbye to MRSA For Good? These People Did!


"This program can only be described as a miracle."

“After suffering for 2 years with abscesses on my butt making it really hard for me to sit, and trying everything, MRSA would always leave me in agony. This program can only be described as a miracle. Today my MRSA infections are clear. Amazing stuff.”

- Rodney Carter

"MRSA = Gone!"

“I have been fighting MRSA (boils) for over 16 months now. I tried grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil, colloidal silver, allicin, oregano oil, olive leaf extract. You name it, I have probably tried it. Last week I started this program and it worked wonders. MRSA = Gone!”

- Lucille Berry

"I felt like doctors were experimenting on us"

“Thanks to you our family survived a vicious attack of MRSA. Our family doctor of 8 years told us it was flesh eating bacteria so he threw Septra, Doxycicline, and Mupirocin at us. I was terrified. I also consulted an infection disease doctor. I felt like doctors were experimenting on us to see what works. That’s no way to deal with this.”

- Clyde Holas Jr.

"Within 3 days ... my MRSA was no more"

“You and your husband’s program rocks! I had a nasty mrsa infection that was surrounded by little baby infections on my inner thigh. Within 3 days five had drained and my MRSA was no more.”

- Damien D. Bush

"Got a copy of your program, and the rest is history"

“I have taken special supplements and been on different pH diets and none of it worked for me. MRSA always came back. I heard about your program on a forum, saw your site, got a copy of your program, and the rest is history.”

- Aaron Robinson

"This is an absolute quick cure"

“This is an absolute quick cure. Antibiotics were only a temporary cure for me. I used to get multiple bouts of MRSA at the same time consisting of really deep infections. This system helped me get rid of my MRSA completely in only 7 days. To date my infections haven’t come back.”

- Barbara Dolman

"It was so easy to follow and it made so much sense"

“I was extremely scared with my infections. They completely stopped me from going near my grandchildren. My daughter gave me your program. It was so easy to follow and it made so much sense. Not to mention it worked. Now I can hold my grandchildren again.”

-  Tommy E. Diggs Jr.

"I don’t think doctors really know anything anymore"

“3 different hospitals and no answers. Initially, the doctors didn’t even take my blood! I don’t think doctors really know anything anymore. But this program helped in a major way.”

- Alonzo West

"After using your method for 8 or 9 days I was MRSA free"

“I had a gut-wrenching MRSA infection right smack in the middle of my face. I’m so glad I found your website. I was so upset I could have slit my wrists. After using your method for 8 or 9 days I was MRSA free.”

- Teonna Whitiker

"I will never doubt a natural cure again"

“I was on just about every antibiotic available: Amoxicillian, levaquin, clendamicin, tetracycline, and bactrim. I was so skeptical about trying this natural program but I was so desperate, I had nothing else to turn to. All I can say is I will never doubt a natural cure again.”

- Laron Corpening


If you’re finally ready to cast off the MRSA shackles…while feeling the elated confidence that it will NEVER return to harm you or your family, then… 


Now for a limited time, you can see my  MRSA Annihilation System — For Free If You Like!

Look, how much have you spent on MRSA treatments so far?  

Many have spent thousands with only temporary relief to show for it. Many have certainly spent enormous amounts of time wondering, figuring, and calculating how to rid their lives of this problem.

According to my latest research, the average MRSA victim spends $321 - $682 per infection on medical care that is only temporarily effective (not including $115 - $185 per infection on over-the-counter products and cleaning supplies).

Plus, in cases of severe MRSA attacks, hospitalization can cost up to $7,000 or more!

Just imagine the money you can save by removing these expenses from your already strained budget.

For the price of a dinner date, a tank of gas, and tickets to a movie your MRSA can be gone for good. (Just imagine finally being able to do those things again!)

And if you try this system and say it didn’t work for me, I’ll give you your money back.

If After Using My MRSA Annihilation System, You Don’t Have Near-Instant Relief Without Scarring Or Recurrence Of Staph…Or You’re Simply Dissatisfied FOR ANY REASON…You Get a Quick 100% No-Hassle Refund…For LIFE! 


Plus, I’ll Pay You $10 out of my own pocket just for wasting your time.

Now, I could get really ripped off this way but I know you’re going to want to kiss me for giving you your life back.

But here’s what I want from you in return. When this system does work for you, I want to hear your story so I can share it with other MRSA sufferers. That way your short journey to complete recovery can maybe help others now terrified of the same pitch-black tunnel you’ve stared at.

So if you’re ready to feel the weight of crushing fear and embarrassment finally lift, then I want to show you…


What you get with my Amazing

MRSA Annihilation System: 

 What Every MRSA Victim Should Know (soft cover) - Learn how to finally eliminate your repeated MRSA attacks. A complete system to getting rid of your MRSA quickly ... for good. ($45.00 Value) 


7-Part Video Course (CD-Rom) - Finally discover how to end the pain and suffering from infections once and for all. ($14.00 Value) 


How I Eradicated Almost Every MRSA Scar From My Body (soft cover) - Everything you need to know to erase ugly scars in one easy to follow guide. ($17.00 Value) 


The Right Way to Care for A MRSA Victim Without Getting Infected (soft cover) - Never put your loved ones at risk of infection again.  ($26.00 Value) 


FREE Rush Shipping within the Continental United States or FREE Standard Shipping World Wide ($15 Value) 


3 Whole Years of FREE Digital Updates 


Unlimited Email Support 


Lifetime Money Back Guarantee 


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The ONLY Thing You Have To Lose Is The Terror Of Recurring MRSA Infections

Listen, I know you’ve been let down by doctors and “traditional medicine” more times than you can count. I was too! But did your doctor ever offer you a lifetime guarantee or your money back? How much money have you literally flushed while riding this “merry-go-round of terror”? 

All of that changes today  .  Follow what I believe is the only serious way to blast that ugly, debilitating, and painful MRSA to oblivion...and get back the life you used to enjoy so much.  

I say... do what needs to be done to tackle MRSA... head on. This system will give you all the answers you need. Isn’t $77 a small investment for something that could give you a lifetime of happiness and comfort? Click Here.

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I desperately want as many MRSA suffers to find the same lasting freedom I have. I’ve made this my ultimate mission in life.

But the sad fact is I only have a limited number of copies of my MRSA Annihilation System.

The reason they are limited is that I have pledged to personally help everyone who buys my system through emails and even phone calls. Unfortunately there are only so many hours in my day.

It was a difficult decision but I realized that if I didn’t put a cap on the number of copies I would be selling, then I wouldn’t be able to give of myself the way I truly want to.

So once the copies I have are gone ... I’m afraid they're gone for good.    I'm not planning on having anymore printed.  I'll have to take this page down and really focus on helping the MRSA sufferers who bought this system so they can claim their new life.  

I deeply and truly hope that you are one of them.

This is NOT a game or a marketing stunt.  I'm dead serious about this.  The true value in this program is my unique system plus the "hands-on" support I personally provide.

Look, you have struggled and been beaten by MRSA long enough.    You owe it to yourself to finally be free of MRSA forever, don't you?  Now is time to deal a final death blow to MRSA in your life for good. 

It can happen. It will happen. If you decide to do something about it now.  

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Have you figured out yet:  

  Most doctors don’t have a clue how you can get MRSA out of your life?  

  Drug companies already know the secrets in my system but are keeping them from you so they can hook you on their products?  

  Your life will change when you start applying the secrets in my system to your life!  

Here’s to your MRSA Free Life.  Claim it now before my MRSA Annihilation System sells out for good.

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Christine Dawson 

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 "My daughter has  Down Syndrome and has a compromised immune system; if she can benefit from this anybody can!"




My name is Michele Luna, I have been battling mrsa for my daughter for almost 10 years. 


Ever since she was a little girl, she got recurrent boils and I always thought she was just prone to boils and that was that!  After so many years of going to the doctor and getting antibiotics, rocephen shots and constantly trying out one thing after another I finally figured out that this had to be mrsa.  My sister is a RN and said no doubt Elisa has mrsa.  The last straw was about 6 months ago, I tried a natural remedy from a company on the internet for immunities and she broke out in a carbuncle the size of about a half dollar!  I was devistated.  I tried putting betadine scrub on her skin every time she took a bath.  I knew this was systemic but what would kill this! I didn't have a clue.  I was surfing the net one day and found the book written by Christine Dawson.


This book opened my eyes and shocked me by what I read.  I started the protocal and Christine was very, very kind and only too helpful with each question I had concerning this battle that I was fighting with my daughter. I have been using this protocal for a couple of weeks but was hesitant to use the herb that Christine recommened full force. Well, yesterday Elisa had another break out on the buttocks and I was desperate. I started giving her the herb as Christine recommended and today Elisa woke up and the lesion was barely there...It was very red and angry and full of pus yesterday. Today it looked like it had shrunk and no pus was there.....I truly believe without this regimen my daughter would still be suffering nonstop with this monster called mrsa.  Christine is not only honest, she is compassionate and very helpful with any questions you have ....I recommend her books whole heartedly..... Most internet items and Ebooks are scams or they just want your money and run. Christine is  a real person with real solutions.   I bless the day that I came across Christine.  Her book is a lifesaver.  Follow her protocal and you will definately get amazing results. 


My daughter has  Down Syndrome and has a compromised immune system; if she can benefit from this anybody can!


- Michele J Luna, New Caney, Texas

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